Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Revelation of the day

I got back to the gym last week... Tried this new compound exercise workout... Frikkin awesome.. I'm hoping it'll help strengthen my body for capoeira..

Neways, this is all I could lift on each of the exercises:

Clean and Press: 40kgs
Squat: 50kgs
Barbell Pullover: 20kgs
Bench Press: 40kgs
Good Morning: 20kgs
Barbell Bicep Curl: 20kgs

So wuts the revelation?? I'm frikkin weak...

But that'll change soon enough

Thursday, May 18, 2006

All those McValue Meals corrodin ur head or sumthing???

Stupid Stupid McDonald's Survey Ppl!!!

Dumbass, I just bought n paid for a Beef Foldover Meal..
You saw/heard me order the Beef Foldover Meal..
You saw the dude at the counter pass me my Beef Foldover Meal..
I walked right by you carrying my Beef Foldover Meal on a tray...
You saw me walk right by you carrying my Beef Foldover Meal..

Your survey requires you to interview people who just bought n paid for the Beef Foldover Meal, hence you approached me n asked if you could ask me some questions, to which I agreed...
Now, I'm sitting right opposite you...
You can see there's a Beef Foldover Meal in my tray...
n ive unwrapped it..
n im eating it..


Question: Did you purchase the Beef Foldover Meal today???

Ive said it before, n im sayin it again: Kill Me!! Kill Me Now!!

See, its on days like this that I wish certain people were hung from their testicles, and shot through the lungs... Just certain ppl, not everyone...
I was gonna blog.. but lunch time's comin up in 10 mins..

So this is all u get for now..

Boo Hoo for you...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm Back!!!

I havent blogged in a while now... Have had a ton to write bout, but never had the time to write it... its not that I've been totally busy, just that I need the free time to get to know my bed a lil better...

For a brief outline, this is pretty much the gist of wut's been happening (not in chronological order) since I last blogged, which has been quite a while:

1) Got the right side of mom's car smashed (seriously.. n it wasnt my fault...)

2) Had a bout of flu

3) Got my GRE scores...

4) Got frustrated at ETS for not sending me n my unis my GRE scores (i had to call them up to find out... i'll explain later, just wait for the post, dammit)...

5) Decided to say 'Screw you' to the Canadian n US unis I applied to, and decided upon UNSW located in the Land Down Under (Australia, ppl... not wut ur thinkin)

6) Found out my trip to OZ-land might have to be put off for a few months, but it will definitely be compensated for...

7) Had a series of clubbin sessions, which is extremely rare for me...

8) Tried dancing during those clubbing sessions... this is sumthing I will definitely NOT be blogging about...

9) Had a brief but very haunting fling with the smokes... REALLY callin it quits this time...

Umm.. thats all I can recall for now.. not much for a span of slightly over a month, isit???

Oh n I'll be addin 10) soon: Givin notice for quittin my job... WooHoo!!!