Monday, July 03, 2006

Everything must Go!!! Well, almost everything...

Yo peeps... I'm clearin out my stuff, so I've got some stuff I dont feel too good bout throwin away, so I dun mind utilising them to fulfill a profitable/charitable cause ;)


The items are:

1) 1 Preparation book for GRE (the test you take when applying for admission to masters in the US or canada). Price: Free

2) 30+ Mens' Health (Malaysia and International) issues (dating all the way back to November 2003). Great read for the men for fitness, weightloss, lifestyle, sex, blah blah blah.. Great read for the ladies to get a deeper insight into the male psyche.. Ask me for the issue to see if I havent given it away already. Price: RM 3 per issue

3) 1 bra. Pretty well-laced. Color: Red, Size 32A.. How I came to own it: Dont ask.. Picture available on request. Mannequin not included. Price: Free

4) 1 hockey stick. Good condition. Not to be used for league or professional games. Strictly meant for training purposes only. Price: RM 20

5) Guy stuff. Fairly good condition. Unused for over 3 years. Contact me for further details on this.. Price: Free

6) 1 Samurai Sword. Blunted. Slightly tarnished, but easily fixable with some polishing. Price: To be determined.

That's all I can think of right now... I guess the rest I'm taking with me or handing down to the bros :) I'll post up any other items available later.