Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Back!!!

So!!! What have i been up to for the past.... 5 months or so???

And why have i decided to update my blog NOW, of all times?? when ive had countless opportunities to do so previously and loads of stories to share with all my readers (a.k.a. the select few)...

Well, I shall answer the 2nd question first... I know ive had holidays when ive had nothin to do but laze around.. late nights when im just re-watching old movies.. but the best time is obviously during a Hideously boring class... I'm sure you would all agree :)

Annyyywayyy... here's what's coming up in the next few posts (no more delays this time!! this is a Hideously boring and LOOOONG class!!! so i'll finish it all off today..):

i) What happened in July?
ii) Where'd I disappear to in August?
iii) September onwards: What the HECK am I doing in this part of the world??
iv) Job/Internship searches.. they never end, do they?? Sigh...
So... lemme crack my fingers, bitch-slap myself awake, and finish off the remnants of my iced tea... and lets get Cracking!!!

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