Monday, February 04, 2008

Welcome back to School!!!

Well, so thats the story of how I got to Switzerland... the next issue: what now???

Some basic info about my MBA programme:
- its 1 year long
- it comes pre-loaded with a high proportion of Finance.. (Oh Joy!!!)
- it requires an internship period from June to August at any company in Switzerland or abroad
- there are just 34 students!!!!

Here's what I confirmed within a few days of my arrival here: Switzerland is BLOODY EXPENSIVE!!!! The only folks in my programme not freaked out by the money value of things are the Americans and the Europeans.. n that covers about 90% of my class demographics.. not counting the 10 indians and myself...

The courses arent bad at all, though.. Having never being formally educated in business, I'm actually learning quite alot... here's a breakdown of what I think of some of my courses so far.. if any of my MBA classmates read this, they might agree... if they dont, well, who gives a shit, its MY blog!! My stage!!! My thoughts!!! (Okkayyy, gettin a bit carried away here...):

- Finance 1 (Accounting & Controlling): Seemed like all this course required was SHIT LOADS of reading!! and alotta falling asleep in class... until we got the project.. now THAT was a bit better.. i guess i've always been the kind of person who learns more by doing rather than sitting and listening.. so this project involved analyzing financial reports, doing some really basic calculations.. and finally, analyzing why so-and-so move boosted up the stock price of the company by x percent... Yup.. Interesting, eh??

- International Management: I actually found this subject really easy to understand... equipped with TONNES of examples of companies expanding overseas n the kind of problems they faced... was kinda good overall.. except for the fact that the professor couldnt control discussions when students started asking questions.. and that really helped considering we have some classmates who just DONT KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!!

- Finance 2: Stocks!!! Futures!!! Options!!! Lotsa Math!!! what else can I possibly add about this subject, except for it provided the platform for my first argument with a classmate here.. officially uncovered the Bitch of the Millenium among our classmates.. yes, yes, she got to me in an even worse way than 'She-who-irritates-me-greatly'...

- Strategic Management: This is a module that involved almost NO teaching!!! Instead, we had to work on case studies for EVERY class, and present discuss them ourselves... was good in some ways.. intolerable in others...

- Business Law: currently going thru this module right now... infact, i should be researching stuff for our group project, but instead here I am writing entertaining material for you!! :) the classes are absolutely boring!!! the lecturer speaks in a way that reminds me of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, and there's barely any teaching.. he just comes in and starts discussing examples.. n he's SHIT scary.. approaches students like he's approaching a witness on a stand.. well, he IS a lawyer, after all..

Aside from the subjects, there's been loads of other stuff going on, which I think i'll write about later (i should get on the research for now):

- Change of apartment..
- the finding of 'Bastard of the year'... I think he should TOTALLY get together with 'Bitch of the Year' and outdo the Hitlers!!!
- Booooooorrrriiinnnnggggg Christmas vacations
- How fragile egos can be in an MBA programme
- searching for internships/jobs..
- and Loads More...

so stay tuned, Folks!!!

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